please read everything careful answer with two paragraph and each pargrap you will act like two differnt people


Answer each question in one paragraph then give another paragraph for the same question with the same answer worded totally different, so you will give two different paragraph to the same question as if you were two different people




Question 1


Please respond to the following:


How do deductibles help lower the cost of insurance and increase its availability?




Question 2


Your text defines Subjective Risk as “the risk based on the mental state of an individual who experiences uncertainty or doubt as to the outcome of a given event”.


With that definition in mind, how should subjective risks be managed? Provide examples.








Question 4


Health care costs to employers and employees are rapidly rising. This additional expense has a direct bearing on the profitability of a company. Conduct research and analyze two variables of health care costs in your industry. What changes would you recommend to reduce and maintain the goodwill of the employees? Are your changes economically feasible to the employer? What about the Employee?




Question 5


Do some research and find the fiscal policy approach used by the U.S., China, Germany, and the U.K. from 2008 until present. What approach did each of these countries take, and what was the change in GDP for each one of these economies from 2008 until present? Which tools do you feel were successful and why?








Article Review


Question 3 (now with this question after you do the week 6 homework entitled Week 06 Written Assignment – Job Evaluation you then answer this question)




Now below is the question


Once you complete the Week 06 Written Assignment – Job Evaluation, visit the following website:


Use the Interactive Ranking Program (select the link towards the bottom of the page), to rank the hospital jobs from this week’s written assignment. If you need a copy of the job descriptions you can download them here:


·   Hospital Job Descriptions.


Compare the results you obtained from the written assignment with those you obtained from the interactive tool. Overall, is this a useful tool? Explain your answer.


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