For Prof tutor…

Literature Review: 5 pages in length, which includes the Abstract.


I have included a Youtube link so you can see what he is looking for.


Open the Instruction file first also the Example Paper, answer the questions below with the articles and mimic the example paper (specially how it’s written, thanks).


When looking at these articles focus on their Introduction and the results, that should help.


I only need the Abstract and the rest is a LONG Introduction for now, don’t ask why. That’s what they want LOL



Abstract (summary of the whole article)




Introduction (why they did the research) – The purpose/hypothesis of the study is presented and previous research framing the current question is reviewed.


My hypothesis is in the instructions




Start defining what a Keloid is, the different methods it can be treated and why Radiation Therapy after surgery is Best for the prevention of Keloid Recurrence.




Show proof using the article.


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