Economic Reasoning Paper

A complete, well-written draft of an economic reasoning paper. The subject of the first economic reasoning paper will be the FTC’s decision not to charge Google with any antitrust violations. That decision is described in the article “Google’s Federal Antitrust Deal Cheered by Some, Jeered by Others” (Time, January 4, 2013).



Write a 500-word paper to argue either that the FTC was correct in its ruling or that the FTC should have charged Google with one or several antitrust violations.


The structure of your paper should be as follows:

I. Introduction

II. Background information

III. Economic theory (What economic analysis informs the policy choice at hand? Be sure to present both the reasoning in support of your thesis assertion and against.)

IV. Analysis (Demonstrate why the benefits of the policy you recommend outweigh the costs associated with that policy.)

V. Conclusion



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