Business Market Question

Please follow these instructions 


Step 1: Identify a product.

Identify a product for which you can easily explore, identify the competition, and note the purchase price. Describe this product in a short paragraph. Identify at least three major competitors who produce the same product type.


Step 2: Describe the product.

Write a brief statement about the value and benefits of this product.


Step 3: Create components.

Write a brief statement about the following components of the marketing mix for this product. Review the product at its point of purchase, online, in advertisements, and so forth.

o   Product

o   Pricing

o   Place or Distribution

o   Promotion


Step 4: Describe the market.

Briefly describe the target market for this product, including geographic variables, demographic variables, psychological variables, and behavioral variables.


Step 5: Describe market research.

Write a brief paragraph explaining how you would conduct market research for this product.

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