I need someone to write a 500 word short essay that HAS READ GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee

Let’s start by thinking about a quote from one of the many reviews of Watchman: “This is not a story of “disillusionment” per se, as some critics have alleged: at bottom, “Watchman” is a coming-of-age story about the ambiguities inherent in revisiting one’s past. All too often, as one grows to adulthood, the starkly drawn moral narratives of childhood give way to murkiness and nuance. Such is the tension which propels “Watchman” (and indeed, the story can only be genuinely appreciated when juxtaposed alongside its predecessor).”Juxtapose (which means to put two things side by side to get a new perspective on each), Scout’s views with Jean Louise’s in Mockingbird and Watchman respectively.  What and how does that character see when she looks at otherness, as a child and as a young woman?  The most obvious thing she views two ways is race, people of color and the white people to which she herself belongs.  But you might also compare the ways she sees adults versus children, good people versus bad ones of any race, etc. 

Aim for an initial post of at least 500 words, with at least two direct quotes to illustrate your analysis.

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