Criminal Justice 3 Questions at least 75 words each

 6.Explain the broken windows theory and the concept of the fear of crime. Explain whether or not Community Policing relates to these concepts using a published article rather than the textbook.


Explain preventive detention and pretrial diversion. In your explaination include  the criteria for using each practice and provide a situational example in which they would be used.




According to Siegel and Worrall (2014), the pre-sentence investigation impacts sentencing and shapes the supervision and treatment of persons convicted of criminal offenses.
Your discussion should describe the general outline of the pre-sentence report, who the probation officer will interview and what kind of information the probation officer obtains from the person is the focus of the investigation (i.e.  the offender). In addition, from your understanding of the article you found, how does the presentence report assist a judge in determining the appropriate intermediate sanction?

You are to first locate an independent article, which must be referenced in your discussion. The article should be written by a known author in the field of criminal justice, preferably in probation. Do not use Wikipedia or a website as your independent article. I strongly consider using your library resources or using Google scholar.



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