Business Policy Analysis

The file has the template of the analysis. It has to be totally plagiarism free. It has to be based on the current information of DELTA airline. All the questions have to be answer based on real and concise information related to DELTA airline. THE FILE HAS TO BE 8 PAGES ON LENGTH. PLEASE READ THE TEMPLATE FIRST AND THEN GIVE ME A HANDSHAKE IF YOU WANT TO DO IT.

The strategic analysis is focused on these 3 main points.



1.     Assess environmental opportunities and threats in the context of the firm’s strategy and capabilities and assess organizational capabilities in the context of the firm’s strategy and environmental realities

2.     Identify the major issues facing the firm

3.     Forecast future performance under the current strategy

More information to follow:

Having worked through each of the individual components of the “criterion of consistency” framework, it is now time to put the various pieces together to assess the overall fit between the current strategy and both the external environment and the org. capabilities (built on resources, management preferences and organization).  In doing so, you should also be able to identify the key issues/problems that the firm is facing.  If you have done your analysis correctly, the key issues/problems that surface should provide evidence of and an explanation for the current performance of the firm.  


Collect all the needed information (Data Collection), put the information into a form that can be reviewed and studied (Analysis and Organization), and then synthesize and integrate what you have learned so that you can make good decisions (Conclusions and Recommendations).  The difference is the levels of analysis.  In previous steps you looked at each component of the model.  Now, you are going to bring the information and conclusions from previous steps together to gain an overall understanding of the firm’s position.


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