DQ development of training.

What are some of the different factors that we should consider when designing a training program? Discuss how user documentation can be used in the development of training. What other factors, such as organizational constraints, should we consider when designing training? 




I end up writing a majority of the documentation for the other members of my team and I try and break it out into two parts.  The first part being short and a general over view that tells you what needs to be done to complete a task but doesn’t go into the details, and then a second part that is essentially a step by step script.  This way if it’s a task that they are familiar with but just need a quick reminded they can look at the top section, if it’s something new for them in particular they can look at the step by step section.  For example

Short Instructions

copy all the files files from the applicaion directory to the new applicaiton directory and start the service


Long Instructions

scp -r server1:/jira/applicaion-data/* server2:/jira/applicaiton-data

service jira start

For user documentation I like to use a similar layout, each section begins with the overview and then inside is the step by step details, this way the step by step can be used for initial training, and then the same documentation can be used to refresh your memory later without wading through all the details.


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