Criminal Justice discussion 200 word min. BD Deadline is 07 Nov 2013

Need a 150 word response to this DB post


In my opinion, the age of the offender should and should not be an issue.  I think each case should be tried individually on a case-by-case basis depending on the age and the crime committed.  This is hard because no matter the offense they are still minors.  This is not a simple black and white subject.  I do not believe that a 9 year old has the same ability to comprehend something as an adult.  I do not believe that a 14 year old and a 35 year old should be held for the same standards. Some young offenders may know that they have done something wrong but may not know that their actions can cause another person harm.  It would be almost impossible to prove intent in most cases.  A child is a child for a reason.  A child is a child for a reason.  If the juvenile were an adult then they would be able to vote, drive a vehicle if under age 16 and go into the military.  The fact that they committed a crime suddenly does no make them an adult.  However, please understand that this does not discard nor eliminate the fact that a serious and violent crime was done by this juvenile.  The juvenile should be punished per the crime, depending on age, and handled accordingly.  I do believe that most juveniles know that it is wrong to kill a person. I don’t know about a 10 year old being charged as an adult, but a 16 or 17 year old shouldn’t get away with murder because of being underage. Even if the child committed the crimes, they should be put in a juvenile youth facility until they reach the age where they can be transferred to an adult jail and hopefully get into a rehabilitation program before they are released from prison. 

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