APA paper on favorite brand 700 words or 3.5 pages

Easy one that needs to be done by 11:00 pm tonight. About 5 hrs. Anyone willing to takle this for me. Pleas see discription below.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you identify your favorite brand and explain why it is your favorite. In the paper you should do the following:


Identify a brand about which you are passionate.

Explain a minimum of three reasons why you are passionate about this brand.

Respond to the following questions:


Is the company successful in building loyal customer relationships across different groups?

Why or why not?


Identify at least two other competitors in the same industry, and explain why you prefer your selected brand over the competitors.


Cite a minimum of three sources from popular media (magazines, newspaper, and online media) that illustrate your points.

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