Strategic Mgt



 Include citations of sources.  


1. Internal EnvironmentWhen using SWOT to analyze internal enterprise capabilities, what impact do process limitations have on performance potential assessment? How is value chain analysis used to build competitive advantage? What role does analyzing customer needs play in shaping an effective value chain?


2.  Internal Environment – Explain: the impact of process limitations would be considered a weakness in the majority of cases with all industries across the board, due to the fact that you can only ‘control the controllables’.


3.  Do you think that a leader is willing to hear from his or her own employees of the weaknesses. Or, do you think that a fresh set of eyes, such as an external consultant? Why and explain. 



4.  Organizational Types and Strategic Capability – What strengths and weaknesses do traditional organizational structures provide? How do boundaryless and learning organizations impact strategic capability in a global environment?


5. How  how sustaining innovation works with larger organizations versus small/start up organizations?

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