Performance Management Assignment …

Gr Assignment

                                             Simulation Exercise

                     In this exercise your group will develop a job specification, create a job advertisement,      conduct 2 interviews and make a recommendation based on a written report of the outcomes.     The interviews can be live or pre-recorded. YOU will define how to measure performance    outcomes and criteria, and you will give verbal feedback to the applicants.

                         Quality of interviews

                        Sophistication of forms and criteria used

                         Engagement of the class, creativity and teamwork




                                    Submit a 1600 word report outlining the job requirements, performance      outcomes observed and any appraisal issues. Conclude with recommendations for example on how to maintain or improve performance on the job or and how you could improve this selection process.

                 Your report should contain the following elements:

·                   Description of Recruitment objectives, The context of the hiring

·                   Specification of the performance standards to be attained by the applicant (KPI’s)

·                  Job specification

·                     a job advertisement or alternative

·                    Interview structure

·                    A form structuring the nature of feedback to be given to applicants and when

·                   Recommendations to improve the recruitment process and the simulation itself.

·                   Where appropriate you should reference ideas from journal articles (at least 5) in the             discussion.


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