BUCP – two-page report


Students will complete one two-page report based on contemporary business “cases,” which may be derived from any source listed as “other valuable sources” .

The subject is either 1- New Product Launch, or 2- Merger/Acquisition, or Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Each report will include a one-page analysis of a successful case and a one-page analysis of an unsuccessful case for the given subject.

Please use the following sections a guide for your paper:

  Summary – Outline the key issues and facts of the case

  Critical Point – Highlight the compelling decision/factor that influenced the outcome  

  Lessons Learned – Describe the most valuable lesson you learned from the case


Other Valuable Sources

1. Business periodicals – Business Week, Forbes, Economist, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, Sloan Management Review, Wall Street Journal et al.

2. Online sources – http://www.cnbc.com/, http://www.c-span.org/series/?bookTv

3. You may also use Google and Wikipedia – but be careful!

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