Statistical Post and possible 4 slides of a PPT

 Statistical Social Work Study Paper/Post Week 5 BSHS



Please help Help Shoulder SX in pain, can not do any more…… 3 other tutors fell trough at last minute 4 slides for PPT and  450 words for Post (not  really a paper) PPT


Please Help Deadline Tonight now in a few hrs.!!!!!! will pay 50.00


I have diagram for slide with Statcrunch just put that in even if it is wrong?   


So please if you agree to do this paper, I would like it to be an original piece of work.  


I would need 


Locate and read a human services research article from a scholarly journal in the University Library that includes a statistical analysis. 


The “Article”  found needs to be 10 to 30 pages long 


(which I have found already because last tudor did not have access to Database, it is 20 pages long) 




  • Recommended subject areas include descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, surveys, questionnaires, and the various statistical measures that have been covered in the course.


  • After reading the article, assess its effectiveness based on this week’s reading material, APA guidelines, and your readings throughout the course in Beginning Behavioral Research.

Assess in 150 – 250 words 


The presentation of the material.


Is the content formatted clearly, and is it stylistically sound?


Does it adhere to APA guidelines for expressing ideas and reducing bias in language?



Discuss in 300 – 500 words 


The statistical analyses within the article.


Does the article incorporate graphs or tables that facilitate understanding?


Are the statistical analyses appropriate for the subject?


Are they conducted correctly?


Do they support the conclusions reached by the author or authors?


Are there additional statistical analyses you may perform on this data to gain further knowledge?


Are the statistics misleading or biased?



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