Special needs student class forum due asap

Inclusion of students with disabilities into the regular education classroom, is an important component of IDEA. Read arguments regarding inclusion (both pros and cons) from both of the websites listed below and write a response regarding inclusion and whether you believe it is practical or not.

Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms(http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/eric/archived/e521.html)

Inclusion: The Pros and Cons (http://www.sedl.org/change/issues/issues43.html)


People First Language (PFL)

It is important to be using correct terminology for individuals with disabilities. Some are not aware, but the current recommended practice is to use person first language. For example, we would not say the autistic boy, but we would say the boy with autism. Please read the following item that has an explanation of people first language and a table with examples of this. –

1.  http://www.disabilityisnatural.com/images/PDF/pfl09.pdf


Answer the following questions-

1. Was this information on PFL new for you?

2. What are your thoughts on the usefulness of using PFL?

3. Why do you believe so many are not aware of PFL?

300 Level Forum Grading Rubric


Possible points

Student points

Met initial post deadline (Wednesday)



Initial post is substantive



Initial post is at least 300 words



Initial post employs at least two citations; one can be text; other must be from an academic source




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