I have been in the security business for 15 years & more, and I have been enduring a lot of things & seeing so much that goes on consistently. In the last couple of years I have been a representative for my company & the building management that I work for. I have had to be adjusted to companies being moved in & out of the building; and adapting to that new environmental setting. As the head supervisor, I have to be the one to record all that happens each and every day; whether that’s excoriating someone out of the building. Even when I know that I have to have a positive and polite attitude with everyone that comes through the door, there are times where I have initially caught myself from returning the rudeness. Some of the benefits on how I responded was I earned my keep & people’s respect around me because those who I am affiliated with know that I’m the type of person that if I know you need it, and I have it I will give it to them. I get rewarded for being heroic and taking risk to protect those around me. However, within the last couple of months, I have moved companies, but I am still at the same building, the only thing is that there was an opportunity cost involved and that was the money they offered me to come with the company. Me personally I feel that the benefits outweighed the opportunity cost because I was able to keep and continue on with those benefits with this company I’m with now while receiving the cost they offered.




I recently signed up for a Plenti card. Plenti is an incentive program where you receive points when you shop at a qualifying location (Plenti, n.d.).  I signed up for this card and immediately started using it every time I got gas, picked up my prescription at the pharmacy, and when I went shopping. There are many different locations that I already shop at, that are a part of the program such as Rite Aid, Macy’s, and Exxon. One of the benefits I have received from the program, is that when I have enough points I can use them to get items for free. I purchased a purse and some perfume from Macy’s.  Later on, I went to Rite Aid to make a purchase, and when I entered my telephone number attached to my Plenti card, the cashier asked me if I would like to use my Plenti points for the Item. I advised the cashier that I did want to use the points and I received the item for free. My opportunity cost for using the Plenti program, is that it does take extra time to enter your plenty card number. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost of time. By taking the time to enter my number before the purchase, I am able to save money in future.




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