need to have acces to “Introduction to Forensic Science And Criminalistics” book by R.EGaensslen Howard A. Henry Lee

no later than 11:40 p.m. of the Tuesday that the assignment is duea minimum of two full pages and a maximum of three full pages in length (no more, no less), with double-spacing, MS Word’s default margins, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font in MS Word format. However, each assignment is then to be saved and submitted as a .pdf file so that it can easily be opened and read.

At the top of the first page, the student is to provide a one-line header with his or her name as it appears on the class roster, the assignment number and the date of the submission, e.g.: John Sanchez, Assignment 1, January 29.

The first double-spaced paragraph then follows below.  Please use at least three paragraphs per page. 

Assignment: Please answer the following:

1. The mnemonic “PRELIMINARY” is used to remind the first responders of their duties and responsibilities at a crime scene.  Provide the phrase represented by each of the letters.

2. Name the 5 steps associated with scene processing and explain their purpose.

3. Name the four major types of control and comparison standards, explain their purpose, and provide an example for each, from the book please.

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