IT Proposal

I need a business proposal for an IT system for an office of 10 people on Power Point (minimum of 10 slides) with speaker notes.  In the scenario I am an IT consultant and what I’m trying to get the company to buy is my IT business proposal for the company.  The proposal must have the 8 requirements below:


•Requirements (proposal)

1.    Recommended Desktop Hardware/Software (Mac, PC, Chrome book) (what is the optimum IT computers they should use for a business of only 10 people)

2.    Recommended Business Software (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation) (What software will they use)

3.    Recommended Communications (email, IM, Calendar) (what will the company use to communicate with each other and their clients)

4.    Recommended Cost Estimate (cost estimate for IT equipment including salary of IT personnel.

5.    Recommended Data Security (what program will they use to safeguard IT systems)

6.    Recommended Business Continuity (what the company will do)

7.    Recommended Disaster Recovery(what they will do in times of disaster)

8.    Recommendation for justification of proposal

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