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Essay 2.1 Checklist for Completion Grade

___ Met minimum word requirement (1800 words)

___ Cited from one or more of the course readings with Works Cited Page

___ Had a properly formatted Enthymeme that appeared at the end of the introduction

___ Properly Formatted by class MLA standards 

Essay Content

Your essay should present a compelling argument about a cultural item of your choosing that you think either does an exemplary or a not-so-exemplary job of dealing with a particular identity in the contemporary U.S (or in a different country’s popular culture). It should address a topic that is at issue and that feels personally relevant to you. Some questions to consider: Is it a variation on a single story? Is it an example of invisible or inferential racism? Is it an empowering representation of a marginalized identity? Is it a disempowering representation? Does it reinforce entrenched racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ transphobic stereotypes? Does it challenge them? Does it provide a multitude of stories? Does it “whitewash”/ erase/ diminish a character of color? Does it “straighten”/ erase/ diminish a queer character? Does it present an interesting, complex, surprising, or unexpected representation? Does it take a controversial political stance on current events?


You must cite at least one of the course readings from Signs of Life and you may cite several course readings if you wish. I expect you to fully and thoughtfully engage the readings and make a substantial connection between the ideas in the readings to your own argument and reasoning. Engaging a reading does not always mean agreeing with it: you are always welcome to disagree with a reading. You may cite a reputable outside source like the New York Times or a scholarly study or article, although this is not required. Any argument, opinion, or perspective on said event that you first encountered in an outside source must be cited properly. You must include a works cited page at the end of your essay. Failure to cite your sources or provide a works cited page may lead to a failing grade for the essay cycle.



My cultural item is Disney. And my claim is ( Disney continues to utilize racism despite the fact that it’s harder to spot ) so my claim needs a reason to complete the enthymemn for the essay. 

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