For Tutor Phyllis Young only Please. Subject: Introduction to Information Systems..

Due 1.22.15

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Running head; Components of technology systems

The owner was impressed with your presentation last week and is willing to move forward with the implementation of the new information system. You have recommended some components for the new information system to the CEO, which will assist in Sew World’s growth into new areas and will make the most of its existing markets.


  • ·         Discuss ways in which the changes will be implemented. 
  • ·         How will these changes affect the company? Keep cost-effectiveness in mind.
  • ·         State the advantages and disadvantages for implementing the new information system, and discuss the possible outcome. 



  Running head; System, Team Management, and the Web





 Type: Group Project   8 paragraphs or 5  slides   
Due : 2/2/2015

Price amount: $14.00


 using these questions as a guide:


·         In terms of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, and the Internet, what specific recommendations are you prepared to make to Sew World to improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of their information system?

·         How should Sew World approach the development of the new software system? Should they use a vendor or develop the new system with a database management system tool?


·         What recommendations would you offer Sew World in regard to updating their information system? What operational system would you recommend that is cost-effective?


·         What disadvantages would your recommendations present to Sew World? Do you foresee any pitfalls? 


·         What are the advantages of your recommendation?


·         Discuss the implementation process, including the 7 steps from the life cycle of the database.






Price amount: $9.00

Length: 4 paragraphs    

  Due Date: 1/31/2015  


Creating new information technology systems for a company requires the staff to understand the reasoning and operation of the systems in which they interact.


·         How would you prepare the staff for training as you develop Sew World’s operation system?

·         How will you create the support needed to build the recommended information systems?







 750  words    
Due: 2/9/2015

Price amount: $8.00


Now that your group has prepared a presentation with a set of recommendations for the upgrade of their overall IT infrastructure including the advantages and disadvantages, the next step is to look at some of the emerging technologies to see if they can be planned for too.


·         Discuss and explain how cloud computing might play a role in their future.

·         Discuss and explain how virtualization can be utilized to better connect the three stores.

·         Discuss and explain how the internet will continue to support Sew World’s future growth



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