Write Public Speaking Essay (THAI)

I’m studying for my Communications class and need an explanation.


  1. Introduction (Attention)

    1. Gain Attention:

    2. Establish Your Credibility:

    3. Central Idea:

    4. Preview Your Main Points:

  2. Body of the Presentation (Need, Satisfaction & Visualization)

    1. Need: [Exactly what is the problem with the current situation?]

      1. Supporting material: [Supporting material should include statistics, or research from credible sources. Each source must be referenced in your speech. For example you would say, “According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics….” or “In the February 2016 issue of Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates said, ‘….’ Any source that you reference in your speech must appear in the reference list]

      2. Supporting material:

    2. Satisfaction: [What it will take to resolve the need?]

      1. Supporting material:

      2. Supporting material:

    3. Visualization: [What will life be like once this need is satisfied? Be very descriptive.]

      1. Supporting material:

      2. Supporting material:

  3. Conclusion (Action)

    1. Briefly Summarize Your Main Points

    2. Conclude with a Call to Action: [What do you want your audience to do NOW as a result of listening to your speech?]


[List your references here in APA style and in alphabetical order based on the author’s or authors’ last name. Notice that you will use a hanging indent for the formatting. Visit the Ashworth College Learning Resource Center or the Purdue Online Writing Lab for more specifics on creating your reference list.]

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