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First–download the attached document. Use it for your responses.

Second, watch “A New Adam.” I encourage you to watch the whole six part series when you have time, but for now, just watch “A New Adam.”

The American story has many facets, including the story of “us in relationship with God,” says religion professor Stephen Prothero at the beginning of this episode. At the end of the episode, he compares the American story to the Exodus story in the Bible.

Be sure to answer all parts of the question, quoting passages from various passages of the film in your response. Be sure to demonstrate you watched and understood the various religious milestones discussed in this first episode. Cite your quotes appropriately. Include a Works Cited and use in order to craft a proper MLA citation of the film. Do remember you viewed the documentary not with a film but on the web.

Use paragraphs, good grammar, quote and cite from the film, and most of all, demonstrate that you watched the entire documentary (300 words).

Questions to Answer

Why do you think the Puritans saw themselves as a New American Adam and Eve – a new people with a new identity?

What connections are there between America’s religious heritage and America’s democracy and freedom from England?

Finally, close with your comments on the documentary. What did you think about the first part of this series (which deals with the time period we have been discussing in Chapter One of this class)? Identify one thing you already knew, and then identify several things from different points in the film that you learned.

Submit the assignment through this dropbox.

This activity will take about 30 minutes (in addition to the watching of the film). It will be graded using the course rubric found here. It will assist students in meeting the following:


1. Students will analyze the ideologies–including democracy, tolerance, and intolerance–of the New England colonies.

2. Students will identify some of the causes of the growing unity among the colonies in the late 1600s.

This will help you think about:

1. The ideal balance between church and state.

2. The consequences of tolerance and intolerance.

3. The moral challenges democracies face.

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