Bad news letter wk 4

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The Scenario:

A new customer, Mr. Gordon has purchased a weight loss package from your company, FITness Inc. The package includes workout video access, meal plans, tracking apps, food products and workout accessories, and suggests results can happen in as little as 30 days, if followed accurately. However, Mr. Gordon claims the package is false advertising because he has not lost any weight. Your company has a strict “no guarantees” policy because it is not possible to know how closely customers follow the program guidelines. Mr. Gordon is demanding a free upgrade to a more expensive package and a month of free personal training sessions. He is threatening to post negative reviews on social media if his requests are not met.

Following the format in your textbook write a minimum 1-page single-spaced bad news letter based on the above scenario using Times New Roman 12-point font with 1” margins all the way around.


Includes appropriate greeting, subject, and closing.


Appropriately starts with a “nod” or a “buffer”.


Clearly states what the customer is asking for and acknowledges their position


Uses concrete, specific details to give an appropriate implicit no, without using “company policy” as an excuse.


Avoids negative language such as “unfortunately” or “however”.


Makes an apology and/or expression of regret


Offers a “sweetener” that is mindful of company policies.


Closes on a friendly and constructive note


Meets technical requirements above and is polished and free of grammatical errors



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