Article summary:(250 to a maximum of 350 word) paper that summarizes for your manager the key ideas of a professional journal article found relevant to professionals in operations management, human resources, change management, accounting, and finance). 5

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Summarize ONE of the article in the list below:

You have been asked by your manager to read and analyze a complex article. The article and your summary will be distributed throughout the company. Your job is to identify the salient details of the complex article and write a brief and cogent summary.

You will write the article summary and post it on Blackboard. I will review and grade the summary.

Is the Internet a blessing to democracy and business? by Cass Sunstein

BITCOIN MANIA BY Sue Halpern NY Review of Books

Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich, and You are Not (NY Times)

A Grand Plan to Clean the GREAT Pacific Garbage Patch

Can a Controversial young entrepreneur rid the ocean of plastic trash?

By Carolyn Kormann

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