write a 3-5 pages essay (details below)

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“The failure of the women’s movement past and present… can be attributed to three causes: the failure of women to bond; the failure of women to imagine women as autonomous; and the failure of even achieving women to resist, sooner or later, the protection to be obtained by entering the male mainstream.”

you are asked to to examine the above quote in the light of comparative behavioral studies across primates. In other words, you are expected to: (1)discuss Heilburn’s quote based on what you have learned in the class so far about primates societies and the relations between males and females, and females and females, in different species of primates; and (2) use one specific behavior as an example to illustrate your argument. Your discussion on primate societies has to be based on at least TWO different species, and encompass a description of their ecology and behavior, including the the social system. In describing the specific behavior that supports your argument, make sure to give a detailed overview of the behavior you are describing and explain its adaptive significance (if there is one).

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