Super Bowl Commercial Writing Assignment

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Your writing assignment (include a cover page) requires that you select three Super Bowl Advertisements and provide detailed written analysis of each. About a half to a full page of writing (more is fine) for each commercial is expected. Write about the following:

What is the product/service? What is the message and who is the target market? What is the objective of the ad (see Foundations of Advertising Power Point slides for relevant slides to answer this and other questions)? Is the advertising effective and why or why not (see Foundation Power Points slides)? Which group or groups will benefit from this advertising? Do a little research to see how this advertisement fits into the company’s overall IMC. If you do not locate any information about the company’s other IMC messaging, what would you recommend to reinforce this ad? Would you change anything about the advertisement, why or why not? Feel free to provide any additional analysis.Please do not put the questions into your paper and remember to cite your sources at the end of the paper.

You do not have to watch the game, most if not all of them will be available on Monday morning, perhaps even after the game Sunday night. Some of the commercials are already available for viewing. This assignment is due in hard copy by 3:30 on Thursday, 2/6.

Cover page:


BSAD 327

February 6, 2020

Super Bowl Commercials Analysis

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