A Triple Cuisine Restaurant

Help me study for my Business Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This is the beginning of a paper on a business idea for a Triple Cuisine Restaurant which will have separate dining rooms specializing in American, Vegan, and Mexican Foods. (A copy of business idea is attached). For this assignment I need the following parts of the paper completed: Include a cover page, references and a reference page.

(1) Introduction

(2) Health and Safety Issues

a. Health inspections

b. State Laws

c. Menu Labeling Regulations

d. Other Regulations

(3) Patents and Licenses

a. Food Service Establishment permit

b. Alcohol Beverage License

c. General Business License

d. Food Safety Permit

This will just be a rough draft based on my previous outline. If any of these areas are not researchable let me know because I can always adjust the paper.

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