A 750 word essay on the Fake news/ deception in mass media in relation to journalism, News, Media and consumers.

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These are the professors requirements please read them carefully.

The paper is 750 words at least, The topic you have to write about is Fake News/Deception in mass media, be sure to provide a list of hyperlinks to the specific articles, videos, etc., that you rely on as the basis of your essay. You can include these in a Works Cited page APA style.

In composing the essay, you should describe/define the issue and cite examples of how it is playing out in the public sphere. You can discuss how journalists or news organizations or other parties are dealing with the challenges presented by the issue. You can point to the effects and implications of the issue. You can address possible remedies or policies to deal with the issue. You can do any or all of those.

Most of all, I want you to present a well-organized essay that provides constructive comment on your topic of choice.

Your paper should define/describe an issue and give at least one significant example from Mass Media for example Websites, newspapers, blogs, social media

If you have any questions please ask i want to make sure the assignment is perfect.

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