Complete 6 page Case Study (VAL)

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MGMT 4199 Summer

Case Evaluation Rubric

Each of the ten criteria, below, is graded on a scale of 0 to 100 times the weight of that criterion; e. g. if student earns a 94 on her/his Company Background section, this counts 94 X .05 or 4.7.

Use the information you provided in you case summary. Your formal company case analysis must cover each of the topics below. You should refer to the question number when using information from your case question analyses, each numbered item should be a side heading in your paper.

1. Company Background (.05)

2. Executive Summary (.05)

3. Thoroughness, accuracy, and depth of external analysis** (.20)

4. Thoroughness, accuracy, and depth of internal analysis** (.20)

5. Identification and evaluation of alternative strategies based on SWOT analysis (.10)

6. Quality, quantity, feasibility, and relevance of recommendations (.15)

7. Justification and support for recommendations (.10)

8. Implementation Plan (.05)

9. Audit and evaluation of implementation (.05)

10. Exhibits Should include the formal EFE, IFE, CPM, and SWOT matrices (.05)

**Must include data-based, detailed responses to ten opportunities/ten threats on EFE including PESTEL, industry analysis based on Porter’s Five forces and CPM; ten strengths and ten weaknesses on IFE; and SWOT matrix emphasis on O’s and S’s for recommendations.

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