What is a brand and why are they important

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What Is a Brand? – Watch the videos, What Is a Brand? and Understanding Why Brands Are Important, and answer the following questions:

Question One

  • Tell us your favorite brand. Give a full description of this brand and why it is your favorite.

Question Two

  • Describe your favorite brand’s promise. What elements of the brand convey this message to you? Remember that a brand promise not the same as slogan or tagline.

Question Three

  • Name and describe three brand touchpoints. Explain why these are important.

Respond to Peer(s)

  • Read and respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Marketers –

This is the perfect week to not only talk about your favorite brand, but to talk about your favorite Super Bowl commercial. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity while it is fresh.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial and why was it your favorite?

What was your least favorite Super Bowl commercial and why was it your favorite?

And of course we don’t want to forget the funeral of Mr. Peanut. Are you happy with the rest of the story of this brand?

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