writing 2 sections for a proposal paper (executive summary, background information and risks of not doing the project)

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

Don’t have to be long, the whole paper should be with in 3 pages, double spaced, i am only doing sections of the paper.

Objective – Our mission is to add capsule study rooms by constructing a mezzanine floor on the 6th floor of the Bobst library’s existing study room, which provides students with a private, noise-free, and safe environment to study at same time. Since the 6th floor study lounge has a double height span, the mezzanine of around 2 mts would be perfect since it will still leave ample of height for the windows to provide desirable height and view in the existing lounge. We plan to start the project from May 2020 and have major skeleton construction done by August 2020, which is the summer vacation time in order to make sure minimum hindrance to the students. From September to November 2020, we plan on completing the interior designing, electric and finishing works along with a new NYU appointment based service portal added to the NYU libraries website for booking of the same. As per the response of the students and project success, we aim at undertaking the project for other study rooms in the library as well in 2021.

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