Very detailed SWOT analysis for Patagonia brand + two powerpoint slides with narrated explanation for each slide

I need support with this Marketing question so I can learn better.

1. How is the company performing financially? How has the company’s stock been performing recently?

Can you look at the financial part and see if you can make any changes and make it clear and to the point. (it has to be from the source below). this part has to resonate the powerpoint part.

The financial performance of the firm is best analyzed through various performance ratios. Ratio analysis is less valuable to company stakeholders who have greater exposure to the institution’s more accurate operating data. Over the five years to 2019, Patagonia’s sector-relevant revenues risen by an annual rate of 10.3 percent to $502.8 million (Fernandez, 2019). Customers in this sector appear to be committed to their leisure activities and especially campers and hikers pay extra for performance over worth. The environmentally friendly attitudes of the firm, most of its projects guide to higher revenues instead of reducing the overall productivity. For this reason, the firm has a market share of 6.2% against all other companies in the industry (Fernandez, 2019). In 2019, the firm had an operating income of 35.1 million dollars which is an increase of 9.7% compared to the year prior (Fernandez, 2019).

2. there is an attachment below that I would like to be based on that. if you have other websites that are not unlocked and you can use it, I am okay as well. however, I would like most of it to be from this source that I have.

3. Two Powerpoint slides with paragraphs explaining the slides.

*First slide – is going to be on Inventory management ( very detailed analysis with numbers)

*Second slide – is on financial projections and outcomes. ( very detailed analysis with numbers)

for the power point slides, graphs and important points should be discussed.

Also for each slide I need a a paragraph explaining each point other than the one on top. its kind of narrated presentation for each slide. the paragraphs should explain the point and the graphs on the slides.

Powerpoint should be from this source below as well.

**Formating has to be APA format. make sure you dont skip in-text citation. whatever you write make sure to be cited properly please.

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