Develop a Thesis Statement and Outline

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Firstly you have to choose a setting in which a restorative approach may be used (e.g., youth justice, prison, school etc.) and identify a program that applies a restorative approach in that setting (there will be a file below to choose the program from) make sure the program you choose is fully restorative. Then develop a thesis statement about the program you have chosen. Your statement must relate to one of the readings or class discussions about restorative principles (the principles will be also attached down in a file pages 99-102) ( and also one of the readings from class by Llewellyn). You should submit your thesis statement with an explanation, in point form, of how you plan to substantiate it and what references you will use (one page). Use a standard reference style (e.g. APA).

online link for Llewellyn: ­Jennifer Llewellyn, Realizing the Fully Potential of Restorative Justice, Policy Options, May 2, 2018, online

online link for the handbook on RJ Progrmas: ­United Nations Economic and Social Council, Principles on the Use of Restorative Justice Programmes in Criminal Matters, 2006, online <>

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