Video Clip Response 1

I’m working on a Sociology exercise and need support.


A Conversation About Sexual Aggression and Violence

Watch the film clip prompt above. Answer the below 4 questions in 250 words or more. Post your answers to this dropbox in Word. Be sure to include your word count.

  1. What are the precautions women in the video talk about? The challenges are both physical and mental, detail how they try to think about social situations to avoid sexual violence.
  2. How do the men in the video talk about sexual violence? Why is there such a discrepancy between the men and the women?
  3. What is consent? Spend some time in class discussing this term and how to best define it in relationship to sexual activity.
  4. In the aftermath of sexual violence, what did the women do? How did they talk to themselves? Why is it important to change the overall way society talks about sexual violence, including the self-talk from both women and men? Is it possible to change?
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