project on auto manufacturer (Toyota)

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This is an 4th week project work where you have to do an analysis.


This week, as you continue with the data modeling and data governance analysis for your case study, you will perform the following task:

Start with your data model from Week 2 and now think in terms of creating a data warehouse or data mart data set from your database. To do so, you will first need to rethink your logical schema and transform it from an OLTP type of schema to an OLAP type of schema based on a dimensional data model. Next, you will need to add a temporal property to your data model, which means you must decide how to incorporate the notion of time. Use the dimensional data architecture concepts you learned this week for this assignment.

The topic I chose was car manufacturer Toyota.

I will attach the week 2 work which I did earlier for your reference.

*********************************NEED IN APA FORMAT**************************************************************

***************************STRICTLY NO PLAGARISM**************************************************************

****************************NEED IN 5-7 PAGES*********************************************************

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