literautre review for Bary 2018

I need an explanation for this Health & Medical question to help me study.

so our topic as you listed above is( Management of People with Disability in Refugee Camps) or displaced communities

now we need to do a literautre review of the topic if you do now what is literature review plz google it and know it exactly how to do it

here an email explain what the proffessor expect from us

Remember, you asked for my opinion. I tried mostly to focus on cognitive issues on the topic, and the expression of those in English for comprehension. These works are “technical” writings in “academic style” and should be very focused and very “rich” (specific) in meaning. I would like to see a bit more of your personal interpretation of the data available in the literature, and either define your specific area of the tpoic (field, initial) or address the (overly) broad use of the term

and its 6 pages

and remember APA style

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