develop a pamphlet, brochure, infographic, or poster of a PAYT program for your city ( for a city without this program already implemented)

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A pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) program is a more equitable way to pay for collection and disposal of municipal solid waste.

Under a PAYT program, each house is charged for the waste they generate, rather than paying a flat fee. If a household throws away less trash, they pay less. Currently, there are over 7,000 communities that have implemented PAYT programs. Learn more about PAYT programs from the EPA website and, assuming that your city does not currently employ a PAYT program, develop a pamphlet, brochure, infographic, or poster of a PAYT program for your city that you could distribute to the community. You do not have to use your current city. You can select any city of your choice without a PAYT program.

1. Outline the following important criteria for your PAYT program:

  1. Container options (e.g., bags, stickers, containers)
  2. Enforcement options
  3. Pricing system
  4. Ways to incorporate apartment/multifamily housing
  5. Ways to incentivize recycling
  6. Ways to consider/manage special populations (e.g., elderly, lower socioeconomic class)
  7. Outreach/education program
  8. And, discuss whether you will support this PAYT program in your community

2. Cite your sources using APA formatting.
3. Be creative with how you will visually present your pamphlet. You can use Word or another software platform to create your assignment.

Websites with free software for building brochures:

Canva: Free online brochure maker

My Creative Shop: You can try a free account

Vengage: Free infographic maker

Lucidpress: You can try a free account

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