ASOC115 Writing Assignment #1

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During the first two class periods, we have defined the sociological imagination and practiced using it to “make the familiar strange” in the case of your educational attainment, viewing the product chocolate, and explaining obesity. With respect to the latter, I showed how obesity is not simply a personal trouble/issue, but it is tied to the shift in the way in which food has been produced, the pricing of different foods, and the change in the calories expended in the jobs that predominate in the current U.S. labor market. Now it’s your turn to use your sociological imagination. I would like you to pick a behavior, attitude or viewpoint, or something tangible that is very familiar to you but that has NOT been discussed in class. Then show how you have made that phenomenon “strange.” Give three concrete examples of how you have applied your sociological imagination. Be sure that your examples apply the definitions of sociological imagination that were discussed in class on 1/22/20 and 1/27/20 (e.g., connect private trouble with public issues, take account the “interplay of many and society, of biography and history). You’ll notice that I drew on several sources to present obesity from a sociological imagination. You should draw on at least one source to illustrate the use of your sociological imagination in each example, for a total of at least three sources. The assignment is worth 50 points, and I show the breakdown of the points in the grading rubric below.

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