1000 words

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Write an essay that thoroughly analyzes the visual text.

What is the significance of the objects in the photo?

What symbolism can be found related to your social identity?

What social or cultural connections are being made?

What social norms and expectations are being addressed?

What sort of “story” is being conveyed?

Include the following:

Introduction (with a clear thesis statement)

Brief overview of the photo (100-200 words)

3-5 body paragraphs

Supporting details and explanation of the photo’s representation

This consists of analysis, not an extended narrative. Details related to specific events are acceptable.


Write at least 1000 words total.

The Format of Your Paper:

Align the text to the left of the page.

Use Times New Roman.

Use 11 or 12 point font.

Use double-spacing.

Use 1 inch (2.54 cm)

Type page numbers in the top right-hand corner, and start from the first page.

Type your name, course number, and date on the top left-hand side of the first page.

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