Legal Issues Paper-Violence against EMS (fire fighters, emt’s and paramedics)

Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

For the legal issue paper, you will research a topic of interest to you and/or your employer (My topic is violence against fire fighters, emt’s and paramedics). The topic should relate to the law studied in one of the chapters of the text-the (law it needs to tie to is current USA criminal assault laws). The report should be about eight-to-twelve typewritten pages in length. The legal issue paper must be done individually.

Once a topic is selected, use various means to ascertain what the past, present and future is on the topic. Discuss the public policy (political) implications, the general business implications, and the specific implications for your organization. Then make a recommendation to your organization for immediate or future action. Note: these bolded items make good headings within the paper.

Be sure to use APA style for this paper. Grammar and APA style is graded on this assignment. Feedback is given on the first instance of an issue and not on each other instance of that issue in the assignment. Include a minimum of seven references on your reference page.

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