IBIO Homework (6)

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(200 word overall)

You will continue to work on the impact of climate change in a specific location. Keep track of your work since it will be important for your final project!

In WEEK 4 you made FOUR predictions or hypotheses about the impact of temperature changes on your location.


1. Remind me (and you!): What were your predictions?

1a. WRITE prediction 1

1b. WRITE prediction 2

1c. WRITE prediction 3

1d. WRITE prediction 4

You used multiple websites to explore climate change in your location:

2. Use these websites to identify EVIDENCE that supports your FOUR hypotheses or predictions. EXPLAIN this evidence – make sure you cite your sources. Feel free to explore beyond these websites as well – you will need to find additional resources for the WEEK 8 homework.


2a. I predicted that snowfall would increase in E. Lansing over the next 50 years. Website http://fakesite.com contains a map that shows that snowfall is expected to double in E. Lansing by 2040 and stay that way until 2060.

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