Tobacco participation

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You will find five different websites that relate to tobacco by using the Internet.

Assignment is written in any size 12 fonts, double-spaced, and is free of misspelled words.

Find five different websites and include a minimum of four sentences, in your own words, on Tobacco and what the website is about. Also, include the title of the website, and the website address.

10 Points: 1 Point for the Title of the website plus URL and 1 point for the paragraph


Tobacco Free (

Tobacco free is a website in which you can find information and articles on many things relating to tobacco.In this website, you will find information on the different variety of tobacco products there is. In addition, you will find information on how laws in each state that restricts smoking in certain areas of society.You will also find a link on resources for consumers, which will have informative article on fact about the various tobacco products.

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