Rhetorical Situation on one text, article book, or TED Talk

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In brief, you take just one text–a magazine article, book, TED talk, etc.–and you use the parts of the rhetorical situation. For example, you say what appears to be the purpose of the text (is the magazine article informing you, or entertaining you (or both)? Does it explain how to do something? etc.). You say who you think the target audience might be, based on how much/how little is explained, the difficulty of reading the writing, etc. You say what the genre is (a magazine article), and so on.

This assignment requires a Word document file, copy down the parts of the rhetorical situation listed immediately below, and then write each category below that explains how the reading applies to each category.

  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Genre
  • Stance
  • Medium and Design
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