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What is your business idea
Why you’ve chosen this new venture

I have provided the name of the business idea & information relating to it in the TravFordable info.docx
Please also include the material thought in lectures & workshop like include beahhead market & demographic and persona which is thought in the lectures and workshop slides. Also the marking criteria is mentioned in the Assignment 1.pdf.

◼Harvard Referencing Required.

◼References should be latest and not outdated. Preferably cite journal articles references from 2017 onward. Minimum references in bibliography: 10. Referencing is to be done by Harvard Referencing Style.

◼Provide all draft plans or notes you made while working on the essay till completion of the essay to show evidence of how it was done/completed if lecturer asks for it so i can provide it.

◼Word Count no less than 1750 Words.

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