Email on the new vacation Policy

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Create an email message in which you:

  • Create a one to two (1-2) paragraph email with five to seven (5-7) sentences that follows your supervisor’s instructions.
  • Target the appropriate professional audience.
  • Use appropriate language for professional audience.
  • Use correct email formatting.
  • Follow appropriate netiquette rules for electronic communication.
  • Meet the 250-to-500-word minimum requirement.

This is the voice mail

Ron Miller, Supervisor

Changes in vacation policy

Employees with 3 or less years of service will now have one week of paid vacation. Employees with 3-5 will have 2 weeks of paid vacation. Employees with 5 year or more will have 3 weeks of paid vacation. In accordance with the new policy employees should request vacation within month of scheduled vacation. Submit vacation schedule to Supervisor. Keep in mind that only 2 employees can be on vacation at the same time

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