SEEI-Impact , “How To”, or “This I Believe” Speech Audience Adaptation Paper

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Audience Adaptation Paper?

Please read the Informative Speaking Audience Adaptation Paper assignment in Section 2.12 of your text. Use what you have learned about your audience to complete this assignment. Be specific in your paper. How will you adapt your SEEI-Impact or “How To” speech specifically to the individuals listening to your speech in the classroom?

The audience adaptation paper will include three specific items:

  • your informative speech thesis statement,
  • a discussion of the choices you made to adapt your topic to your classroom audience and setting and the rationale for those choices, and
  • the MLA Works Cited list you included with your outline.

What is the Structure for the Adaptation Paper?

  • The thesis statement for your informative speech should be labeled and at the top of the page.
  • The thesis statement is followed by a short essay that explains the choices you made while preparing your speech and adapting your topic to your classroom audience and setting. This essay should use paragraph form with complete sentences. The list above is not exhaustive; there are many choices that are made in the speech preparation process. Explain the choices that are important in your presentation, along with the rationale, regardless of whether they are listed above.
  • At the end of the paper include a Works Cited section and list all of your sources using MLA format. This does not replace the submission of your sources with your written outline.
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