I need a pretend survey done on 10 homeless women

I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.

My topic is : The impact that non profits have on the homeless community especially women and children.

I need 5 questions created and asked to 10 homeless individuals. The questions are to be the same but answers will vary. Below are the types of homeless individuals surveyed. You must be creative and use your fictional skills. If you don’t have any then don’t accept this assignment.

I need a graph or chart representing the results. The questions should ask things like are they receiving any assistance from an organization, how long have they been homeless and what does the future look like for them or their family. That was 3 examples. Please come up with 5 questions to be surveyed.

1. Single mother (35) with 2 small kids (6) and (9)

2. Single woman (46)

3. Single mother (49) with 2 older kids (13) and (16)

4. Single mother (27) with 2 small kids (3) and (5)

5. Single woman (29)

6. Child (17) – runaway prostitute

7. Child (16) -parents are on drugs in the streets somewhere

8. Child (14) –lesbian -kicked out of house

9. Single mother (56) experiencing domestic violence with 2 small kids (10) and (5)

10. Single woman on crack (42)

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