Excel Data Analysis

Help me study for my Excel class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

  • Please use the Excel dataset (which includes 90 randomly selected transactions from last month’s sales) “case1data.xls” provided to you, instead of the one provided by the book, to carry out the analysis.
  • You MUST prepare and submit your report in one file, through the Blackboard system. The file MUST be in Microsoft Office Word format.
  • You MUST provide corresponding Excel analysis results (Data analysis outputs if you are using that module, charts, figures, tables, etc.) in your report, to support your arguments.
  • In your report, please present in a structured format, your evaluations and findings of the data, as well as the answers to the questions.
    • Summary
    • Intro
    • Methodology / tools
    • List data
    • Discuss
    • Conclusion/ Recommendation

Each section can just be a few sentences doesn’t have to be too long

All material needed is attached

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