COM3320 CHOOSE ONE DISCUSSION THIS WEEK – – Either “The Psychology of a the T-shirt” or “A Hairy Story” Do not do both.

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Your assignment is for you to choose 3 of your own T-SHIRTS that have significance to you and explain why.

  1. What is printed on your shirt? What does it mean / significance?
  2. Why is this shirt important to YOU as an artifact?
  3. How does the shirt reflect (or reinforce your personality and self-image)?
  4. Does this T-shirt impart a gender statement – to you or others? How or why? (men wearing pink…)
  5. Is there a backstory about this shirt – who gave it to you; vacation purchase; gift; free; fraternity or organization event; informal athletic uniform, souvenir etc?
  6. Be sure to write a thoughtful and compelling INTRODUCTION – signpost T-shirt 1, 2, 3 and write a critically analyzed summary/conclusion.
  7. The minimum response is 100 words for each T-shirt = 300 words or more total/thoughtful essay.
  8. Include the “GENDER” significance/implication for each T-shirt.
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