The Challenge of Organizational Communication. Answer Discussion Questions

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I need to answer the following questions by reading the attached file chapter 1. Make sure using APA style and please consider that the assignment will be checked by the instructor to avoid plagiarism. this assignment for master degree level.

  1. How have organizations that you work in or have dealings with been affected by issues such as globalization, terrorism, climate change, and changing demographics? How do these issues have different effects on different people and different kinds of organizations?
  2. Consider how airports deal with homeland security. What organizational communica- tion processes have changed as a result of the threat of terrorism? Do you think airports and airlines have dealt effectively with these changes? Why or why not?
  3. What kinds of organizational structures and processes stem from globalization? Why are these new structures and processes neces- sary? How do they enhance—or detract from—the quality of life for individuals working in or with the organizations?


  • Answer all questions in complete sentences. Avoid incomplete sentences and single phrase answers. (-2 points for each instance).
  • Complete questions in your own words; i.e., understand fully the concepts of the chapter, process the information and answer questions based upon what is stated in the chapter and by your own impression and understanding. Don’t be afraid to conduct further research.
  • Complete the entire list of assigned questions. Failure to answer each question will result in a lower score.
  • Spell check and edit (proofread) your assignments before submitting them. Points will be deducted for multiple errors. (-1 to -2 points depending on the frequency of the errors).
  • Use proper grammar in your work. Avoid awkward syntax (-2 for improperly worded or awkward sentences).
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